Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3-Day PAM 700 Watch

The use of fiction and space materials in high-end watches is always interesting to follow as a bystander, but more appreciated when their actual interests may sometimes be used for watches, you can enjoy a wider segment. Very few cases, but a watch that inspired my interest was the Panerai Replica LAB-ID design 1950 Carbotech 3D PAM 700 (first time). Operating with an array of carbon composites and low friction components without the need for any type of liquid lubrication, the result is a watch that guarantees 50 years of free service operation. There is no way to know that the guarantee will be held, but the limited production is only 50 pieces. I can’t imagine 50 Panerai fans and collectors, also known as “Paneristis”, who don’t want to participate in this long-term experiment and brand.

The Panerai BMG-TECH also revolves around the use of fancy, high-tech materials, Panerai’s LAB-ID to design the 1950 Carbotech 3-Day PAM 700 demo featuring the Laboratorio di concept (LAB-ID), which is Panerai’s The R&D department is located in New York. Some of the previous watches of Cheap Panerai Replica Watches (such as this design submersible 1950), observed using materials called Carbotech service features and aesthetic level. Although I can’t dispute the use of carbon composites, for their mechanical advantage, I can’t help but notice how deep the shadow layer Carbotech merges with the smallest blue luminous dial and crystal Panerai.

With four innovative developments in its caliber P.3001/C, Panerai utilizes a complete tantalum-based ceramic from a set of mainplates and bridges to remove any lubrication needed. This oil-free concept also enters the DLC-coated silicon escapement, which is the second innovation in the list. Third, the ceramics and DLC we see here, Panerai Replica Watches eliminates the need for traditional jewelry. Therefore, a set of four DLC-coated jewels used in sports removes the shock-proof impact system that requires lubrication. Finally, the two main barrels do not have any grease or oil and multilayer coating and the last data link control layer.

Indeed, the concept of low-friction, oil-free watchmaking is not new. As early as 2007, Jaeger-LeCoultre released an extreme laboratory followed by the main compressor extreme laboratory 2, another observation that may not have been lubricated for life. The same can be applied to watches like Cartier ID we have mentioned two concepts before. None of these works is a 50-year guarantee, and Cartier’s concept is still a concept. The JLC aims to attract attention and reflect its “designed” attitude inside and outside. However this Fake Panerai Watches, really isn’t, or look at them from any other, except using blue and other subtle hints. I like to see that you can wear it on the surface for 50 years without any self-awareness about it – if you feel like a Stallone wrist.

Panerai’s LAB-ID design 1950 Carbotech 3-Day PAM 700 case is in a large 49 mm size. Large offsets Carbotech’s lightweight features. It shows a thick layer of carbon fiber composite, which, as I mentioned earlier, produces interesting visual effects with bright blue and dark black tones on the dial. This layered effect is even known for carrying out the crown-protecting device Swiss Panerai Watches. Matte finish is also a nice watch with invisibility and high precision. In addition, it has a water resistance of 100 meters.

Dial, Panerai uses carbon nanotubes to absorb light that strikes any trace on it, resulting in a deep, deep black. The numbers on the blue Super-LumiNova and the markers used in the “sandwich-style” dial for pops on the black tone are also included. It almost reminds me of a single beam that penetrates the mile deep ocean abyss. In general, I think that a clear dial will take into account its high contrast and huge size.

The text “Design, Panerai, LAB-ID” of the crystal itself is printed directly to it, which I think is the watch that some people may find problems with. Because the text is printed to the crystal itself, it will inevitably hinder the hand, which may put some people in the reading time. Personally, I found it to be an interesting solution, and Panerai could not print text on carbon nanotubes for dialing. In addition, the crystal properties of the double antireflective coating.

Looking at this case, we found the deep, dark glory of the caliber P.3001 / C. One of my favorite features is the power reserve indicator, which uses the same blue accent to find the dial. Power reserve for three days and the sport operates at 21600 vph. To facilitate time setting, Panerai includes a second reset function that returns to the 12 o’clock position. This feature seems to be getting more and more popular, definitely something I can appreciate.

Not surprisingly, Panerai’s belt LAB-ID is designed with the 1950 Carbotech 3-Day PAM 700 black and blue solution. The same dark tones found that the entire watch continued to be associated with the blue buckle and the blue contrast stitch.

The use of new materials and the movement of structures to reduce the need for repairs is a regional industry and there is still a long way to go to achieve these technologies in larger and easier, but I think Panerai LAB-ID design 1950 Carbotech 3D PAM 700 Marks an obvious step. If my mathematics is correct, the average cost of regular and secondary services Panerai may add up to about $8,000 for 50 years. This graph waterfall method short proves the price of this watch, there are some areas (for example, magnetization), I am not sure. But, hey, I have a feeling that buyers of this watch may not do this in their heads to prove the cost of mathematics, but enjoy the 50-year commitment to observe and track. Price Panerai LAB-ID designed 1950 Carbotech PAM 700 watch € 50000, three days, it will be limited to only 50 pieces.

Panerai Luminor Diving Automatic Acciaio PAM731 ‘E-Commerce Micro Edition’ Watch

This time, the most striking thing is that the way the watch is sold, rather than any minor design adjustments, has spawned a new Cheap Panerai Replica Watches reference. The Panerai Luminor diving automatic Acciaio PAM731, with a limited edition blue dial, is definitely a handsome and outstanding diving watch. But as the first Panerai to be offered entirely online, it represents some pressing current issues and how the watch industry adapts very slowly to change.

Panerai Replica Watches has already sold watches online, but Panerai Luminor sneaked the automatic Acciaio PAM731 “E-Commerce Micro-Edition”, limited to 100 pieces, not available in the store, which is the first for Panerai Times. We have repeatedly discussed the systematic problems in the watch industry on aBlogtoWatch, especially the sales and distribution issues, and the lack of modern reality in the watch industry to accept, use and adapt to online purchases. This means switching to direct online sales in terms of media and advertising, rather than relying entirely on third-party retailers. The current outdated wholesale distribution model, coupled with excess inventory, has made the parallel market not only reduce the pricing of luxury watches, but also weaken the trust of consumers – the most important commodity. You can find many articles on these and related topics on our Watch Business topic page.

Therefore, although the Fake Panerai Watches Luminor submersible fully automatic Acciaio PAM731 “e-commerce micro-version” watch may look like a 90-degree turn, at least its direction is correct. Accompanied by other signs, more brands are finally awakened. For example, the Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” limited edition watch made for and their #speedytuesday Instagram tag are sold out within 4 hours. The convenience, competitiveness and comfort of the consumer’s online buying experience make it necessary for any watch brand that wants to survive to transition to the right online display.

So, what about the watch as a discussion tool? For the limited edition, the blue dial seems to always be a good choice because they look a bit special and not as conservative as black. The Swiss Panerai Watches Luminor submersible fully automatic Acciaio PAM731 (PAM00731) has a blue dial but is more or less a bit like the black PAM01024. In 44mm wide steel (acciaio means “steel” Italy – although don’t ask me how to pronounce), waterproof 300m, Panerai’s diving PAM731 designed with signature crown cushion-shaped case protection device, and rotating brush steel frame Quickly identify the diving watch as a design submersible without errors.

Behind the sturdy casing, the Panerai Replica Luminor wetsuit PAM731 is powered by the “exclusive” calibre OP XXX. OP XXX is a cosc-certified 4 Hz (28800 bph) automatic sport with a 50-hour power reserve. It offers a 9-point sub-second time and a 3-point date, with a “Cyclops” magnifying glass on the sapphire crystal. The skeletal hour and minute are familiar to the Luminor diving watch, and the super luminova, even for the second hand and its index, is sufficient for the diving watch. It features a black rubber strap (natural rubber), as well as an extra canvas strap and a tool to change the strap.

While this may seem like a cautious experiment, this “e-commerce micro-version” watch is expected to be a sign of the overall transformation of the watch industry that we have long advocated. This is a step in the right direction, but more positive action is still needed. The price of the Panerai Luminor diving Acciaio PAM731 watch itself is $7,200, but there is currently no “buy” button on the website, only the “Notify Me” and “Add to Wishlist” options, it seems that all 100 watches are sold. exhausted.