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Panerai Luminor Due 3-Day Watch Debuts in New Luminor Series 42 & 45 mm

“What’s next? This is a question that the country has been discussing – or at least those who are concerned about Panerai. So far, they have been thinking about what the next frontier of their favorite brand will be. No doubt. Luminor is the most popular and successful of the Cheap Panerai Replica Watches series – in contrast, Radiomir is dwarfed – although the brand has not shy away from releasing a large number of different versions, it is time to release the chapter of Luminor. Entering the Panele Luminor with a due date of 3 days, with the new, actually the thinnest illuminator, PAM676 and PAM677 pieces. Let’s take a closer look and see if the proper name is reasonable.


Due (pronounced “doo-eh”) means “two” in Italian, which clearly shows how Panerai unfolds the second chapter of the Luminor case. Wow. The name of the game is “thickness” – or rather, lack of thickness. In some cases, Panerai Luminor’s official case is 40% thinner than Luminor Uno (no, they haven’t called them yet).

Panerai Replica Watches is under intense pressure, however, “the composition of the new case is well known, and every connoisseur: strong cushioning, the border around the large dial (may not be the smallest feature), powerful integrated lugs and The bridge-shaped device of the seal crown. “Even if you are not the most keen person of Paneristi, you can see that Luminor Due is largely based on the Luminor 1950 case: it has a very similar case and the side of the lug, despite The aforementioned diet has already taken effect.

The Panerai Luminor official version will be available in four models, 42mm and 45mm in steel and gold. Let us look at them one by one.

The Panerai Luminor models that have expired in 3 days are PAM676 and PAM677, 42 mm wide, and the reference models are 316L and red gold. Both will be housed in a 10.5 mm thick case with P.1000 inside. Not surprisingly, the sport will provide a three-day power reserve to operate at the most popular 4 Hz. It is worth noting that – for those who are concerned about the red gold version – the caliber P.1000/10 skeleton version debuted in the precious metal version. Before that, we’ve seen Fake Panerai Watches make some impressive bone movements (for example, look at the 10-day GMT PAM624), so this is good news; even the regular P.1000 in steel PAM676 offers A lot of eye-catching candy.

These dials, because they are always the focus of the brand’s fans, either black in steel or anthracite in gold PAM677. They have a classic sandwich structure, and their top surface is “reinforced” with a satin finish – it actually stands for “satin”, in French it means “satin”, just to make you The multilingual senses are a bit irritating.

The hand-wound 42s is followed by a 45mm wide automatic replacement. Panerai Luminor replaces the 3-day fully automatic PAM674 with steel and the PAM675 with gold. The P.4000 micro-rotor drive is also equipped with a claimed 72-hour power reserve and a frequency of 4 Hz, while being only 3.95 mm thick. The end result is that its thickness is not 42 mm: the PAM674 and PAM675 are only 10.7 mm thick at 45 mm. As in the case of the smaller version, the red gold PAM675 will have a skeleton-like diameter, in this case P.4000/10.

After noticing all of this, we must discuss this issue in more detail. Without these thin enough internal machine guns to keep stable – the planning there is very good, the brand can’t have such a thin body (as is the case with Panerai). The thin profile can also help solve a problem that must be in the minds of many Panerai Replica design owners: often more than 15 mm thick, even if the aesthetics of the look obey more elegant clothing, they just don’t always make a comfortable long sleeve experience of. This new Panerai Luminor collection should solve this problem and give Panerai buyers a choice to choose a watch that shows the look they want while at the same time lacking compromise in comfort.

Still, I still feel that the name lacks something to prove its legitimacy. Panerai designed Radiomir in 1950 and 1940, very good, it is also understandable that they will not (and can’t) drift too far from the design of the very clear and love core DNA… However, a question (answer each individual Is the Paner Sea fan only a thin choice to prove the name of Chapter 2?

It’s also worth noting that although Best Panerai Replica Watches said they have designed a new case here, they have designed it so that it has only 30 meters of water resistance. Now, although Luminor Due is undoubtedly a more elegant (just because it is thinner) series, Panerai still claims that it has a “sturdy buffer box”, “all elements are directly derived from the brand’s history.” “The depth standard of just 30 meters – this is often equivalent to a watch, which may be suitable for bathing and showering, and is generally not recommended for swimming at all – hardly means a solid design and structure…”

Yes, we have seen Panerais with a rating of 30 million before, but if the latest and greatest (technically still quite simple) Panerai Luminor can’t make you feel safe when swimming in the pool, then the world What would it look like? There aren’t too many practical, measurable, and comparable technical specifications that give watch brands an opportunity to support their claims, but this rating can plague some of the fans of the brand – of course, We will let many others not care at all.

The new Panerai design looks as refined as the 3-day situation and Panerai as a possible hope, but when I think of a new 21st century design chapter, I can’t help but imagine more than just a new option. It’s actually less.

Panelle Laser Finze 3 Day PAM672 Case Engraving and Movement

Remember the hand-carved laser microscope PAM604 that we showed you last April? Well, if you think this is cool, then you will be very happy to hear that Panerai Replica Watches is making more bets with the new Panerai. Radiomir Ferenze PAM672 3 days, a new special edition only 99 pieces announced today, now has a hand-carved stainless steel shell and laser internal movement.


Almost all of the decorations in the Panerai Radiomir Ferenze 3 days PAM672 dedicated to Florence (Florence): dialing, profile case, the largest plate movement, even with the characteristics of Florence Lily, has appeared in Florence’s coat of arms For nearly a thousand years, don’t worry, I just don’t know about these things; I searched with Google. Cheap Panerai Replica Watches goes one step further and makes PAM672 available only at the brand’s Florentine boutiques.


The 316L stainless steel laser case is 47 mm wide and 100 meters high in water resistance – I am looking at you and your 30-meter-long poor Luminor Due! The carving was done by the same engraver on the entire box, the master craftsman spent A week to complete the decoration of a Panerai Replica Radiomir Firenze, a three-day PAM672.


In fact, this case seems to have exactly the same pattern as the PAM604 we mentioned at the beginning – if this is correct, it will make us wonder where the bottleneck is in the process of coming up with new things. When a lot of people buy a more powerful version of a luxury car expect it to have easy identification to prove their aesthetic elements, expand financial dedication, which seems a bit confusing, with an extra €8000 PAM604 you don’t enjoy the craftsman’s work in a unique display.


In any case, the sun-satin-completed sandwich dial has a 12-gauge laser-inlaid gold engraving, and the lily and “Ferrenze” above the 6 o’clock position. Here, Lily is a new addition to the previous version.

So actually it’s really new, at least in aesthetics, the well-decorated Fake Panerai Watches P.3000 caliber – we have to say it looks really amazing. The outer edge of the bridge and cock has a heavily decorated ring, while the movement of the inner part tries to maintain an aesthetic balance with geometric lines and a large lily symbolizing the relief. In contrast, the part of the movement is not lasered by hand but by laser.


The result is an interesting contrast to the visual effects of manual and modern technology. The overall design of the sporty trim looks nicely complemented by the outer shell, alternating bright, brushed upper surface and dark, matte concave. Needless to say, the performance of the P.3000 hand-wound motion remains unaffected: it still operates at 3 Hz or 21,600 half-oscillations per hour, providing a 3-day energy reserve due to the combination of the two main springs.


Panerai Radiomir Firenze 3D PAM672 seems to be a great follow-up to the PAM604, and the sculpting movement really completes this amazing and complex look. The seemingly unmodified pattern is still perfectly integrated with the classic lines of the Radiomir case, but for some people, not providing new content may be considered a missed opportunity – and for others, this Consistency may also be equally welcome. Carefully decorated sports demand a substantial premium in front of the model, along with the price of Panerai Radiomir Ferenze 3 days PAM672 € 25000, or 8000 € over its predecessor. Similarly, the limited edition of the PAM672 is only 99 pieces and is only available at the Best Panele Replica Watches historical boutique in Florence, Italy.