Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carboxylation Technology 3-Day PAM 700 Watch with 50 Year Warranty

The use of materials in innovative and beneficial ways is the “space race” of contemporary mechanical watches, and Panerai Replicaa Watches wants to show that it is not lazy on this stage. For the 2017 new Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbide Technology 3-Day PAM 700 watch uses different materials in its movement to minimize friction. In fact, the brand claims that this friction-reducing approach should ensure that the sport “lasts for 50 years” because it does not require lubrication. I will introduce it in more detail, but this is an interesting development, and currently only 50 people will like it, because this is the quantity produced in this limited edition.

Panerai Replica LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carboxylation Technology The 3-Day PAM 700 watch delivers its 50-year commitment as four innovations are used in the new P.3001/C caliper movement. The first innovation was the use of dry lubrication barrels, where the two main spring barrels had multiple layers of coating and the last layer was DLC. Then, there is a silicon releaser, which is mainly made of silicon and also has the top coating of the DLC. Third, the main bridge and the main board are made of low-friction composite material, which is combined with bismuth-based ceramics and does not require additional lubrication. This reduces the need for jewelry and its necessary lubrication because axial friction has been minimized due to the high carbon rate of the composite. Therefore, only four gems are used and there is a layer of DLC coating on top, eliminating the need to further lubricate the Incabloc shock system.

Manual wind P.3001/C caliper movement, as I mentioned, there are four DLC-covered jewels running at 21,600 vph. You guessed it, the power reserve is three days between two barrels. It is also worth mentioning that there is also a second reset function, so when setting the time, the balance stops and the second pointer returns to zero.

Next is the Fake Panerai Watches LAB-ID Luminor 1950 carboxylation technology 3-day PAM 700-degree disk, which is covered with carbon nanotubes. The purpose of this is to allow the dial to absorb more light, reduce reflections, and increase the blackness of the dial, making the blue super brightness on the dial and pen look more vivid. Since they cannot print or stamp on the dial, the text and numbers are applied directly to the crystal and then coated with a double anti-reflective coating.

This 49 mm wide enclosure is 100 meters waterproof and made of carbon technology, a carbon fiber composite that we have seen in several recent Cheap Panerai Replica Watches. A polymer called polyetherketone (PEEK) (polyether ether ether ketone) compresses thin carbon fiber sheets under high pressure, a process that combines the two to make the resulting product stronger.

Seeing the integration of innovative materials in watch movements is something I look forward to. For Swiss Panerai Watches and their Liboratorio Di Idee (or labid), the need for lubrication is superfluous, and for them, a 50-year guarantee is a good way. I suspect this is what they claim, unless they feel safe, this is realistic. Personally, I don’t care much about the 50-year guarantee, but I am more interested in seeing how effective the new technologies are and how realistic they are. The 1950 price Panerai LAB-ID design Carbotech 3D PAM 700 is €50000.


Although Bronze seems to be the ## watchfam’s favorite subject in social media in 2016, the rise of the “modern bronze age” of Panerai Replica Watches can be traced back to earlier in 2011 to recognize a small but growing demand under the rugged diver. Casing Micro Community Bronze. Did their answer? The 1000 green-scale PAM 382 disappeared quickly and it is still one of the most memorable (and favorite) versions of this Italian watch manufacturer. Panerai seems to be hoping to replicate this success with the newly released Panerai Luminor submersible “1950 3-day automatic Bronzo PAM 671” (blue Bronzo). Blue Bronzo is the successor of a beautiful and valuable watch, which made bronze the focus of attention and ultimately helped Patina regain her success.

If you haven’t scored yet, 2017 is the year of the Panerai submersible, and we’ve seen at least 6 new special versions, each using a very different box material – from titanium and platinum to rose gold, to BMG-TECH was introduced on PAM 692. This is a suitable background for those who missed the Bronzo redemption six years ago and could also provide Cheap Panerai Replica Watches with a suitable opportunity.

The following is a basic knowledge of some non-bronze avatars. Part of the charm of bronze is that it will never appear twice in the same way. The pleasant, copper-colored CuSn8 bronze (copper and tin alloys) that we have treated under the lights of the show will soon oxidize and lose luster as the watch comes in contact with seawater or oxygen. This will eventually produce a flat dark brown appearance, which tends to change with the wearer’s wearing habits and environment. The oxidation process is a natural feature of bronze itself, which forms on the metal surface and protects the metal from corrosion under the metal.

Therefore, although this watch looks “ageing,” but patina is actually a basic shield. Its novelty is that its “uniqueness” is almost cliché. Nevertheless, this temptation is still undeniable, and is probably the main driver still driving the bronze trend itself. Diving with your watch, it will show more consistent features with the navigation device that inspired it. The sweat during exercise, the humidity in the tropics, etc. are all catalysts in the oxidation process – they can be reversed but cannot be completely eliminated.

For details, we admire the new Panerai Replica Design 1950 Diving 3-Day Automatic Bronzo PAM 671 is all glowing episodes with cream “years old” Super-LumiNova – minor mismatches on brushed bronze in the current pristine state, but Pairing, we think it will be quite amazing to wear after a few months. All the dial text, even the date window (using the blue date wheel!) – all use the same beige Pantone as the index, resulting in a greener super-light eye and grey text than the original Bronson. Tight visual effects.

When we talked about this topic, Fake Panerai Watches chose to bring the PAM 671 into the market with a blue dial that would probably be reminiscent of Oris’s Carl Brashear bronze, but can you really blame them? The blue and bronze look like people Marvel at the fact that this Panerai Luminor submerged 1950 three-day automatic Bronzo PAM 671 is no exception. In the bright light, its matte tone appears vibrant, but the indirect light is softer – this is also a dynamic contrast effect. Once the box starts to show a warmer brown tone, this effect should be very good. it is good.

The initial Bronzo had several key details, including a 47mm case size (it was a submersible after all), and the 9000 series automatic caliber made by Paneraio, visible under the sapphire window of the titanium caseback. However, this time, the PAM 671 received a caliber of 9010, a little thinner (only 1.9 mm) than the original PAM 382 caliber. Time is maintained, and the same 4Hz amplitude and generous 3-day energy reserve are expected. I believe that this new 9010 caliber lost 9000 bi-directional winding capabilities, but gained an independent adjustable-time advantage. For people who often travel, the practicality of the real world is a good choice.

The initial limitations of the PAM 382 and the relative scarcity of high-end bronze divers at the time may be the drivers of its demand. Although Panerai hopes to replicate the successful production of the same PAM 1000 runs for 671 years, it remains to be seen whether there are enough remaining novelty trends to push for similar demand for ultra-high-end bronze divers – especially when Panerai designed the 1950 dive The 3-day automatic Bronzo PAM 671 costs $14,400.