PANERAI LAB-ID LUMINOR 1950 Carboxy Technology 3 Days PAM 700 Watch Hands-On Operation

As a bystander, the use of novelty and space-age materials in high-end watches is always fun, but when their practical benefits may soon be applied to a wider range of watches, people will appreciate them more. There are few such situations, but one watch sparked my interest. It was Panerai labid Luminor’s 1950 “three days later” Pam 700 (for the first time here). With a series of carbon composites and low-friction parts, the operation does not require any liquid lubrication and the result is a watch that guarantees 50 years of service-free operation. We cannot know if this guarantee is valid, but I cannot imagine that 50 Cheap Panerai Replica Watches enthusiasts and collectors, also known as Paneritis, will not be willing to participate in the brand’s long-term experiment.

In addition to Panerai BMG-TECH, the company also specializes in the use of high-tech materials for the bells and whistles. The Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 carboxylation technology for 3 days PAM 700 demonstrates the capabilities of the laboratory di Idee (LAB-ID). Panerai is located in Neuchatel’s R&D department. Like some of Panerai’s previous watches (such as the Luminor submersible 1950), this watch uses a material called “carboxyl,” which can be used both functionally and aesthetically. Although I cannot question the use of carbon composites for their mechanical interests, I cannot help but notice how good the combination of the deep shadow layer of carbon technology with the smallest blue luminous dial and crystal Panerai Replica Watches is here.

Best Panerai Replica Watches used four innovations in the development of the P.3001/C caliber, starting with a motherboard and bridge built entirely of yttrium-based ceramics, eliminating any need for lubrication. This oil-free concept also entered the dlc-coated silicon device, which ranked second in the innovation list. Third, we see the use of ceramics and DLC here, and Panerai eliminates the need for traditional jewelry. Therefore, the campaign used a set of only four dlc-plated jewels, eliminating the need to lubricate the Incabloc Shockwave system. Finally, the two main spring barrels can also work without any grease or grease, and use a multi-layer coating and a final layer of DLC.

Indeed, the concept of low-friction, oil-free is not a new concept of watchmaking. As early as 2007, Jaeger-LeCoultre released the limit laboratory, followed by the main compressor limit laboratory 2, which is another watch that can be used without lubrication. The same applies to the Cartier ID 2 concept watch we introduced earlier. These works are not guaranteed for 50 years, and the concept of Cartier is still a concept. The design of JLC is to attract people’s attention and reflect its “over-design” attitude on the inside and outside. However, this Fake Panerai Watches is not really so different – in addition to using blue and other subtle hints, they will see from other watches. I like this watch, which on the surface allows you to wear it for 50 years every day, but do not feel anything wrong – if you have a wrist like Sylvester Stallone.

The Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 carboxylation technology 3-day PAM 700 box is a large 49 mm. Most of the larger dimensions are offset by the characteristic lightweight properties of the carboxyl groups. It shows a thick layer of carbon fiber composite material, which, as I mentioned before, creates an interesting visual effect with bright blue and dark black tones on the dial. This layering effect even extends to Panerai’s well-known device for protecting the crown. Matte treatment is also a good part of the watch’s invisible and high-precision appearance. In addition, this case also has a 100-meter waterproof function.

On the dial, Panerai uses carbon nanotubes to absorb any light that hits it, eventually forming a deep black. The blue super-luminosity runs through the numbers and logos on the “sandwich-style” dial, opposite the black tones and also into the hands. It almost reminded me of a beam of light that passed through the depths of the ocean several miles deep. In general, considering its high contrast and huge size, I think this dial is very clear.

This crystal itself has the text “Luminor, Panerai, LAB-ID” printed directly on it. I think this is why some people may find the watch has a problem. Because the text is printed on the crystal, it will inevitably hinder the activities of the hand, which may make some people feel confused when reading time. Personally, I found this an interesting solution to the fact that Swiss Panerai Watches For Sale could not print text on the carbon nanotube dial. In addition, the crystal has a double anti-reflection coating.

Looking back at this box, we found all the darkness of the P.3001/C caliber. One of my favorite features is the power backup indicator, which uses the same blue tint on the dial. The power reserve is 3 days and the speed is 21600 volts per hour. In order to facilitate the time setting, Panerai includes a second reset function that returns the seconds hand to the 12 o’clock position. This is an increasingly popular feature that I can definitely appreciate.

There is no doubt that Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 has a black and blue pattern on the 3-day PAM 700. The entire watch uses the same black tones and continues through the strap buckle. The blue contrasts are stitched together.

The use of new materials and movement structures to reduce the need for maintenance is an area where the industry still has a long way to go to realize these technologies are bigger and easier, but I think Panerai LAB-ID designed 1950 Carbotech 3-day PAM 700 Marks an obvious step. If my calculations are correct, Panerai’s conventional and small service costs may reach around $8,000 in 50 years. This is a deficiency in providing reasonable price for this watch, but there are still some areas (such as magnetization) I am not sure. But, er, I have a feeling that the buyers of this watch may not have calculated a reasonable price in their minds, but are enjoying this watch and tracking its 50-year commitment. The price of Panerai LAB-ID design 1950 Carbotech PAM 700 watch € 50000, three days, it will be limited to only 50 pieces.