Panerai Launches Four New Navigation Instruments Inspired By A Yacht From The 1930s

During the Second World War, Panerai released the first diving watch, Radiomir 3646, so water has always been the core of the brand. As a tribute to its maritime traditions, Panerai Replica Watches has created four new devices: a wall clock, a barometer, a thermometer and a hygrometer, all of which are influenced by a classic yacht. This is the Eilean obtained by Panerai in 2007. . Coincidentally, Eilean was built the same year and Panerai provided the Radiomir prototype to the Italian Navy in 1936.

After acquiring 22 million Bermuda ketches in 2007, Cheap Panerai Replica Watches conducted a thorough inspection of Eilean and restored everything to the standards of the 1930s, including Burmese teak planks and a white iron frame. The name Eilean in the Gaelic language means “island,” which refers to its origin on the west coast of Scotland. Naturally, Panerai has created customized navigation and time equipment for the yacht, which is made of AISI 316L stainless steel, a special corrosion resistant alloy suitable for the marine environment.

These instruments can be immediately identified as Panerai Replica. The 14cmx14cm (approximately 5.5 inches) square case references the buffering shape of a Panerai model such as Radiomir. All dials are black with a non-white index and a Fake Panerai Watches logo. Only the thermometer has another color on the dial and blue indicates the temperature below zero.

For sailors, a reliable clock is an essential tool because the time is now used to calculate the position of the ship at sea. The barometer includes a pressure chamber that expands and contracts according to changes in air pressure. These expansions/contractions affect the indicator that shows current atmospheric changes; these changes can be used to determine the current weather conditions.

Perhaps the least recognizable instrument is a hygrometer. This device has been used for more than two centuries to measure humidity, which helps predict the haze of navigational purposes. Finally, the thermometer uses a bimetal to measure temperature – another important factor in estimating the weather. You may have noticed that all these instruments are analog, not digital.