Panerai replica watches another new listing this time

On October 20, 2017, at the Panerai store at Yintai Center in Jianwai Avenue in Beijing, Panerai, a famous watch brand, presented its second new product appreciation event this year. The last time this year was brought in mid-June this year Is the beginning of this year at the SIHH Panerai debut works, and just after a lapse of 4 months, Panerai has brought us a number of new watches, the vast majority released in September, but the table has been sold Out, then this time, what are the Aspect? We will explain it to you one by one.

As an annual highlight, SIHH is undoubtedly one of the most important shows in the entire watch industry. Panerai also showed the most important new products at the time. The main features of the show focused on the achievements of new materials, new technologies and new color matching Works are relatively complicated and advanced. This time, for the majority of table friends, no doubt more practical meaning of the purchase, because they have the Panerai classic brand design, the same refreshing color to show Panerai very unique style charm, the price , Not so high above. In addition, Panerai also brought a very special watch.

In early September this year, Panerai released a new combination of color watch – three green dial watch, we know Panerai in the past two years in the use of color, very eye-catching, innovative color combinations, show Panerai Strong sports style of the sea. Three models are equipped with three classic shell – Radiomir, Radiomir 1940 and Luminor 1950, contains a variety of excellent features, classic design and different case size, including Luminor 1950 44 mm 8-day chain single key GMT watch has been sold out.

Green has become the trend of young people, get rid of the traditional black and white ash, more innovative but not so glazed dark green, emphasizing the young people’s personality, and a strong sense of movement. PAM00735 watch with 45 mm case diameter, with a matte titanium pillow case and the use of linear lugs and tapered on the crown for the first time in the 1936 prototype watch, rich retro taste heritage brand Tianjin Music history of the trail. Classic Panerai sandwich dial design, with a large beige luminous time scale and gold-plated pointer, and dark green dial form a clear color difference, which facilitates the time to read.

Powered by Panerai’s P.2002 hand-wound movement, the three clockwork boxes provide eight days of motive power. The back of the watch has a power reserve indicator. The movement is also designed with a second hand zeroing device, , The clock can be adjusted before and after, does not affect the minute operation. Overall, the high configuration of the movement, simple but very Panerai dial features the design, so that this watch has become very charming, and 45 mm large case, very crude, very wild, highlight Pei Nahai one consistent toughness.

Say 47 mm case, is the true flavor of Panerai, then this time the green dial watch, Panerai also brought 47 mm watch diameter PAM00736 watch, compared to the previous watch, This is like a Neoclassical watch with a Panerai classic sandwich dial, gold-plated hands and a beige super night-time scale with a vintage look, with micro-arcuate mirrors highlighting its classic feel, while its Lugs and cylindrical crown, but also bring it some modern. Internal equipped with P.3000 manual movement, with three days power reserve, with hours fast transfer feature it. Compared to the 735, because of the configuration of the streamlined, and have a more affinity for the price.

The same is a green dial with a military green visual sense, compared to the 735 more slender scale, so that this watch has a very unique taste of elegant. Open dial, very eye-catching, retro-flavored tone and brown leather strap, highlighting Panerai’s classic style. Overall, this watch in addition to the large case, more difficult to control, the rest are very comfortable, but also built-in personality.

Luminor Due series was born in 2016, compared to other Luminor series, its greatest feature is the thin, Panerai has always been a large case, let a lot of small wrist men and some women, discouraged, and Luminor Due series Birth, so that Panerai become more affinity for women, the wrist Panerai, but also look more friendly, while the design follow the 1950s Luminor series watches, retaining the vitality of the surging sporty atmosphere.

42 mm Case diameter Luminor Due, this time a total of two, one is a matte titanium case 728, blue case design, the thickness of only 10.5 mm, equipped with P.1000 manual winding three-day power storage machine Core, with stop-second zero device. The 741 is an 18K red gold case and watch, non-sandwich dial, gold-plated hands and dots hour-mark with a super luminous material coating, with a light blue strap, with Panerai’s replacement strap device , With different styles of casual strap, watch built P.1000 / 10 manual movement, with three days power reserve, P.1000 movement of the hollow version.

The two watches, 42 mm in diameter and relatively thick case, make it comfortable for both men and women and still retain Panerai’s classic design. The Luminor iconic crown guard, Very worth a small wrist men and women choose.

In addition to the 42 mm three-day Luminor Due watch, this time comes in a larger version – the 45-mm Luminor Due watch with an internal P.4000 self-winding movement P.1000 movement, P.4000 movement has a pearl swing Tuo, to achieve two-way on the chain, in terms of practicality, in terms of practicality will be more convenient. Among them, the 739 is a charcoal gray dial polished stainless steel case with a P.4000 / 10 automatic movement (hollowed-out version of the P.4000 movement) inside and a 22K interior thanks to higher workmanship Gold Pearl Tuo, so that this stainless steel case watch, times extravagant.