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Ice Age Diving 3 Days Fake Watch :Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950

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Replica Panerai’s Luminor Submersible Watch is part of the brand’s long tradition of manufacturing diving tools for military frogmen.
Panerai submersibles must not only be able to cope with extreme temperatures, but must also be able to impact hard ice several times.Fake watch “Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic 3 Days Automatic Titanio” has a characteristic case with a bridge crown cover that Panerai has been using since the 1950s. The rotatable bezel of the watch is essential for divers.
When the dive watch is underwater, legibility is the top priority. Luxury Panerai submersibles watches are less reflective below the surface than above the surface. Since there is a sufficient amount of luminescent material, the time can be read quickly. The luminous indicator on the minute hand and bezel emits blue light, while other luminescent materials emit green. This allows you to read the dive time faster: just look for blue and ignore green. The second hand of the dial also glows, so it can be used underwater to check whether the watch is still running.
When the diver gazes upward from a certain depth, the ice layer above him looks like a frosted glass plate, and the hole cut in the ice is like a window. The bubbles rise and gather under the ice, where they merge into a flat shape that looks like a puddle – a fascinating spectacle. This is especially impressive in the winter, because the visibility is better in the water, because the suspended matter and algae are less, so the visibility is higher under the water.

Severe shocks and extreme temperatures have not compromised the accuracy of timing. All in all, cheap fake Panerai submersible passed the “acidity test” under ice. Of course, the owner of the watch does not want to wear it only underwater, so other factors will also play a role. The soft iron inner shell prevents the magnetic field from penetrating into the movement of the submersible, which is a valuable function today because many potential sources of magnetic force are involved in daily life.

Cheap Watch Panerai’s Luminor Submersible has a high pressure resistance and an internal casing to prevent the influence of magnetic fields. With three days of operational autonomy, the submarine will still be ticking on Monday morning after being taken off and remaining intact from Friday night. By using two barrels in series and a two-way wound (and clearly audible) rotor, this lasting power reserve can be achieved. The balance bridge can be adjusted by knurled screws, which improves stability and accuracy. The balance weight screws that rotate freely along their edges for fine adjustments should also increase the accuracy and fine adjustment of the movement. Like the Panerai watch, the dial covers most of the movement. The strap has frosted stripes, polished heads on the screws, and beveled and polished edges on the flat parts.