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Rolex Replica Watches Have The Same Status In Fasion Fields As Marilyn Monroe

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Rolex Replica Watches
Rolex Replica Watches

In 1967, Andy created a painting named “Marilyn Monroe”, he used Monroe’s head as the basic elements of the screen, ranked in rows. That simple color, monotonous Monroe portrait, reflecting people’s helpless emptiness and confusion in modern commercial society. The painting was created in 1962, Marilyn Monroe committed mysterious suicide that year. “Marilyn Monroe” is no doubt the most famous and most typical one in all the works of Andy’s.

Rolex Replica Wathces Have The Same Status In Fasion Fields As Marilyn Monroe. If you go to Hollywood’s famous Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel, the first thing that catches the eye must be this Marilyn Monroe sculpture. This is the work of famous American sculptor J.Seward Johnson, called “Forever Marilyn”. This work came from the classic screen of movie “The Seven Year Itch”. “Blonde, blue-eyed, red lips, and windblown white dress”, which as a eternal imprint left in the hearts of the world.

-Marilyn Monroe

The famous Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali is also Marilyn Monroe’s fan. He once designed Monroe’s iconic red lips as a title of “Hot Lips” sofa. Plump contours and eye-catching red, let Marilyn Monroe’s sexy image came out. Even in Dali Art Museum also has a special Marilyn Monroe theme pavilion. Visitors must climb the stairs, looking through lens, then will be surprised to see the beautiful face of Marilyn Monroe.