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Panerai Luminor Expires 3 Days Automatically 38mm Hands

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If the size of the Mini Cooper is as large as the Rolls Royce Phantom, will it still be an idol? If the Walkman can never fit into the back pocket? In contrast, if the Luminor is nearly 25% smaller , then Luminor – this is the benchmark for minimalist Italian design, perhaps the main driver of the “big watch” trend of the past decade – can it maintain a similar reputation? It’s hard to say, but Cheap Panerai Replica Watches is willing to bet it, with The Panerai Luminor introduced by SIHH automatically expires in 3 days in a new 38mm case.

It is said that the utility and style of Panerai Replica Watches always tend to be large – from the first 47mm prototype using the Italian Royal Navy frogman in the late 1930s, followed by the 5218 44mm “Pre-Vendome” reference design Stallone in 1996 The film “Daylight”, which promoted Panerai as an international focus, finally consolidated the decade of the burgeoning aesthetic trend.

Not surprisingly, maintaining the tradition of big brands also means that Fake Panerai Watches is the slowest to reverse its own trends and adapt to market tastes, and market tastes have been quietly returning to smaller, more traditional products that have been in the past. Several Baselworld & SIHH exhibition cycles have appeared frequently. But changes in Neuchatel are happening, and the brand seems to be trying to expand its appeal by introducing smaller 42 or 40 mm wristbands in almost all available collections. Even the bulky submersibles now have a size of 42 mm, which is very popular. It is worth watching again to see if anyone has turned Panerai into a miracle on the watch.

For the same reason, the launch of the 38mm case is welcome, and it’s also a long-awaited one – especially since a large number of watch fans have always liked the aesthetics of Panerai Replica, but the big case will only make their wrists Become bigger. The thin border and wide aperture are characteristic of the Luminor series, but its wrist size is larger than the size shown, which does not help. Therefore, despite being the smallest watch ever produced by Panerai, the 38mm Due watch is closer to the traditional 40mm sports watch. Ironically, this makes it a nail for the “big watch trend” coffin. Today, this oversized and widely acclaimed brand has openly embraced the extreme opposites of this field.

By 2018, Panerai no longer relies on eta-based sports deployed in its history, and 38mm is no exception. It uses Panerai’s new in-house manufactured OP XXXIV, a newly developed automatic motion to 21600. The bph speed is carried out and there is a 3 day power reserve. However, like all good things, the Luminor’s 38mm body also has a drawback: despite its 11mm thickness, its waterproof performance is only 30 meters. The watch has a closed casing (sorry, we only have a red gold model shell).

Yes, the other bigger options also have a resistance of 30 meters. Yes, we all think that “no one can dive so deep”, but this is not the depth itself, but the intention behind it. In general, the 100-signal purpose of the appropriate sports watch, with the original Radiomir infinite tradition, but 30 meters is a bit hollow – a nominal Swiss Panerai Watches and aesthetic, lacking all the real features – a bit Like a two-wheel drive Land Rover Range Rover.

Fortunately, however, this refreshing wearability comes with an equally refreshing price tag – a particularly welcome message, especially in the SIHH hall, the word “value” Not commonly used. In fact, the 38mm Luminor Due 3-Day Automatic Watch is one of the cheapest watches we’ve ever tried. Even if Panerai uses its own calibre, its asking price is $6,000 for steel and $15,700 for red gold.