Take A Look At The Classic State Of Sailing (And The 1950 Panerai Luminor Submersible, Which Is An Autopilot Autopilot)

For most of us, Panerai is a company we imagine (whether we realize it or not), largely because it was acquired by the Richemont Group in 1997. Although many people know that Panerai’s pre-Richemont history is predominantly in the context of the diver’s watch and other gear the Italian commandos hope wage asymmetric war against the British domestic fleet, which is in fact a continuous engagement with Sea World all the way Back in the early 20th century (continue after World War II). However, a land-based person like me does not often see the look and feel of Fake Panerai watches in their natural environment: The Sailing World. Panerai is not a military supplier, but 2016 is 12 years as a partner with yacht clubs and regatta in the classic yacht racing of the Mediterranean, North America, Antigua and Great Britain – a great context for In finding (again) a watch, it seems inappropriate, even ridiculous in another context seems perfectly natural.

From the figures, PAM 615 is a bit like a monster. Her diameter is 47mm, and although her waistline is light, thanks to her titanium structure, the fact is that this is a 47mm watch that will die in 47mm watches, you and me, and Neptune’s daughter We can not do that. That said, there are a lot of things to do: an internal, automatic, 3-day exercise (Panerai Caliber P.9100) and an independently set hour hand (one hour increments, forwards and backwards) and a flyback timer . At first glance, the stopwatch looks like a rattrapante, but it seems that the coaxial second hand is actually a center-second accumulator, and a center minute accumulator. The 12-hour accumulator is 3 points. Stopwatch start / stop and reset / return button On the left side of the box, this is a watch thanks to the unscrewing of the crown, which feels more natural and I wear it on my right wrist. Wear on the left, it’s troublesome and unnatural to try and screw chronograph putter guards, the temptation is simply to loosen them up – can be very dangerous as long as you are not diving, but it can also be annoying if you Like things do not use safekeeping, neat.

After a moment’s hesitation, I decided to put the Pam 615 on my right wrist, where I could see some inevitable bumps that would make me climb up and down the boat, but at home It looks more like at home. Even though you’re wearing watches more carelessly, it’s a watch worth using, and it will not be more confusing than G-Shock in its solid structure and clear relationship with Panerai’s history as a military supplier .

In the office wearing PAM00615 clothes feel a bit contrived, but on the water is another scene. Putting it on in a more suitable environment is the Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica Classic Yacht Challenge this year in North America – specifically, the Corinthian classic, held annually in Marble, August. Panerai has been involved in classic sailing since the classic yacht challenge 2005. The classic yacht challenge is a subset of rules and regattas for participants in a larger context Panerai is a flagship sponsor in the classic yacht challenge calendar; each yacht has its own yacht classification system, Panerai Those who want to participate in the “Panerai-specific awards” race yacht provide additional rules. However, it is not necessary to take part in a sponsored boat race after PCYC is awarded (that is, if you do not want t0 in Corinthians’ classics, you do not have to go to the PCYC).

To wear the Panerai Replica Watches Regatta, or for that matter, to attend at any major regatta in almost any capacity – is one of the most fascinatingly defended sports environments to enter, which is not hard to understand if you watch the match The ships will be at their historical background and the yacht club. The world’s oldest yacht club, arguably the Royal Cork Yacht Club – was founded in 1720 and still exists. If you take more than 1720 or less as the year of birth of a modern yacht, you will find that there has been a long period of controversy over the accumulation of rules. Sailing can be expensive (albeit not necessarily), and historically, it tends to attract successful people as well as highly competitive professionals who have become accustomed to winning. Combined with the inherent complexity that allows each other to be manufactured and engineered for more than a century, and has been arguing for a radically different racing environment (big days from overseas, yachting across the oceans) and you have a mature detail, A secret meeting that prides itself on being a Jewish canon.

The basic rules for the North American circuit are the rules of the sailing competition, a 190 page document, the authority of each organization (in my rowing competition, the Corinthian classic, which is the Corinthian yacht club) Bears special additional rules and requirements. One of the richest sources of controversy is the restriction rules that allow yachts of different buildings to compete with each other; the application and interpretation of these rules can produce some unexpected results. In the first year, I attended the PCYC regatta in Nantucket, where the rules of fortification led to the manipulation of a “gaff” cat named Kathleen in the Opera House Cup, This boat was based on the design of 1917, has never participated in the design of the competition, won the grand prize. This year there are two more controversial provisions prohibiting square mainsailing and completely banning balloons like the “spinnakers” wrapper; both are themed at the Corinthian Yacht Club’s weekend games, with some Fascinating conspiracy theories, and the more general form of support you get as the rules get updated.

Watch sailing from a floating blue pale ancient harbor floating in a clear summer day Marblehead (George Washington personally visited the Mablehead Revolution and said that even then, “old”) seats Is to understand why your pants are as long as a century-old sailing history like the tie Best Panerai Replica wants to continue to be part of this world. Time, of course, is all in the regatta. One of the most obvious is at the start of a race when the yacht crosses the starting line. Every watch lover who has read the countdown timer for a regatta knows that the basic problem facing yacht owners is that sailing can not just hover at the starting line (a fictional line draws a buoy and a board between the boat and the boat The gentlemen and ladies are responsible for the management of the game to make a ruling). Instead, the water behind the starting line is packed with round-trip yachts waiting for the start signal.

The basic idea is to get through when the Regatta starts counting down, but not under any circumstances. A boat that gets too early must go back and start again, and lost time is deadly for any hope of winning (or worse, you may become a satirical object after a post-match celebration). Rookie regulators, watchers in the audience whether the boat or races, saw so much beauty, but industrialized ships repeatedly detour to each other, just to avoid collision at what seems to be the last second of their card bit, both exciting Terrible (the latter an emotional incitement, in fact, sometimes though not often occurs).

Although this time on a watch vessel, I found it interesting to watch the ships cross the line, counting down their last resort. (Thanks to the captain on our boat watching the committee’s channel on the radio, I was able to do that.) The Corinthian classic was very interesting compared to my other regattas in North America because it was a ” Pursuit “Regatta. In general, a boat is flawed, and then all starts are at the end when the scoring is done. However, in a chase race, each boat starts at a different time, depending on its hurdles (or “rating”, put it in the yacht pilot’s jargon), the speed of each shift is Is the slowest If everything else is equal and the ratings are 100% accurate, then every yacht crosses the finish line at the same time. As an observer, it is straightforward to understand a chase regatta, so whoever wins first wins. From a time perspective, this means you can easily start your timer (615 in my case, PAM) at every moment, the yacht’s countdown announcement, because each yacht must be separate crosses, you can It was easy to see that their nails started and he underestimated their last turn and started (alas) late.

Obviously, the sailing is through the water because the wind is pushing their sails; it is intuitively obvious that you do not need to know a lot about sailing and you can see the world’s best in a hundred years Boat tower, whistling in the breeze. However, just like a car, it’s not just the visual effect of a heart stop. Strategically, you try your best to understand the best of your own boat (for example, some sail better than others; some sail better in the wind than others) And the general framework of the Regatta. From a tactical point of view, you try to position yourself so that you can take advantage of the best of the winds and ocean currents on any given day. The second day of the Corinthian classics, for example, a captain, then follows significantly more offshore lessons from the rest of the fleet (the captain does not have to follow a specific path mark to mark, have broad discretion, and take the same path As long as they are on the actual mark in the prescribed manner). It seems weird. About an hour later, the boat will blow over one side of the land. It seems that there is a huge hand lift the yacht up and leave the rest of the fleet.

As it turns out, the breeze land on hot days (which touched the lows of the 90s) rose from hot air, reliably encountering water at about 1 PM in the area of ​​Mahbuar, and looked forward to positioning itself as a captain of the yacht use. A calculated risk and a knowledge based on local conditions, but one in return.

Many strategies for competing sailing are practical applications of the understanding of how yachts work. Indeed, at its simplest, the wind pushed the sailboat over the water. However, this does not explain how yachts make the wind a sport. The sailing sail is basically a wing, but it is vertical, not horizontal. Like the wings of an airplane, the sails of a sailing ship generate lift with the flow of wind. This lift is perpendicular to the long axis of the hull and, combined with lift plus the resistance of the transverse movement provided by the keel, results in forward movement. Like the wing of an airplane, the idea is good, smooth airflow over both sails because turbulence will reduce the lift and the angle of attack of the sails to winds enough severe enough that the sails can lose ascension or even stagnate. In fact, the sail is actually airfoil, which plays a big role in the surprising fact that sailing can sail almost straight into the wind (along a zig-zag pattern called “top”), Wind sailing, sailing can, if handled well, can be faster than the wind.

A single-mast, flying a spinnaker and mainsail, is aerodynamically very similar to a biplane, just as a biplane can efficiently generate lift, even with relatively little air flow. Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics are their essence, which must be a rough over-simplification (modern sailing theory was not until a Boeing engineer named Arvel Gentry made the first solid computational study in the 1970s With a solid theoretical foundation). In addition to helping you to appreciate better what you saw while watching the regatta, learning about aerodynamics gives you insight into tactics such as targeting “dirty air” on a boat behind you. The turbulent vortex created by the sails, like the potentially lethal hints of swirling whirlwind wings, can last a long time because turbulent air-lifting enemies aim at your sails after turbulence behind the boat and you can really reduce the following yachts Performance. If you can cross the starting line as you should, you obviously do not want to give up time to your competitors if you do not need it.

One day the PAM 615 returns from the water reminds us that the last thing people want to see while sailing is that your watch may or may not happen. There are too many things to follow, too many things to do, and all you want is to be able to look after yourself and show time and again when you need it. In this case, when you have a lot to remember, you try to listen to your mind and your instincts. Over-killing on land becomes paramount at sea. The watch on the rough, rolling environment you saw on the deck of a sailboat was hit so hard; your mind was about wind and water, your ship’s handling of the elements, not on your watch on. However, it is also PAM 615 into its own environment.

In an urban setting, the connection between Cheap Fake Panerai Watches and maritime history seems to be even more fragile – and even absurdly – in the camp. The water, however, PAM00615 really goes into its own, I think if you want to wear such a watch you will like it more if at some point you have a chance to actually use its context, engineering and features are really useful of. I do not think you have to be a yacht pilot or sailor or someone who likes to wear the Pam 615, but it does help to understand where it comes from, looking at it from the context and making it more fun to wear and use. I did think it was a fish that left the water and used it to knock on the water for days; later, it made sense in a way that it had never before had.

The best thing about Panerai is how it’s designed from persistence to practicality. Radiomir and Luminor are not designed to create the desire for fashion watches or to suit specific tastes or trends; they come from very specific requirements, and aesthetics, such as them, are themselves derived from the abandonment of aesthetics itself. Indeed, Panerai’s identity has become more complicated because of the pre-Cretaceous period (of course, since that time it began making instruments for the Royal Italian Navy). There is no doubt that design can be more and more disconnected from its original pragmatic considerations without being influenced by design.

However, it is great to be able to take a Panerai out and use it without any value. To some extent, Panerai’s maritime equipment design goes beyond aesthetics itself; rather, they are accepting a completely different set of priorities. However, the benefit of doing so is that, where appropriate, what you get is a true reflection of the true nature of the world in which it lives and how it interacts, and that all Panerai has become much aesthetic in recent years, Refreshing look like the PAM 615 under the weight of taste and look at the functional interface between them and the sea, their original meaning.

Panerai PAM 6151950 3-Day Automatic Flyback Ti Titan: Enclosure, Titanium, 47mm, Water Resistant 300m. Border, matte black ceramic, a ticking method. Mobile, Panerai P9100, 13/4 lignes (29.89mm) x 8.15mm thick, running 37 gems; 3 day reserve power. Back-flight chronograph in seconds and minutes. As shown, the price of 17,700 US dollars. More information: Panerai.com.

Thanks to Panerai and accommodation at Corinthian and Eastern Yacht Club. Panerai supports sailing, which offers new sailing experience for cancer patients and their carers; learn more.